Director, Writer, Cinematographer: Prapat Jiwarangsan

         Country: Thailand/Singapore Length: 51 mins

         Source material: DCP, Pro-res File Sound: 5.1 / Stereo 

         Trailer :

         World Premiere – Berlin International Film Festival 2021


            Ploy has won the Best EXiS Award 2022 (Best International Film Award)

          at EXiS – Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul.



Short synopsis

Inspired by the diary of a Thai sex worker who works in Singapore’s “jungle brothel”, the documentary explores the lives of migrant workers through an observation of Southeast Asian landscapes and juxtaposition of visual forms. 

Long Synopsis

Inspired by the diary of a migrant worker, the documentary weaves several social and artistic threads together: the life a Thai migrant sex worker named Ploy who works in Singapore’s “jungle brothel”; the narratives of other migrant workers; an exploration of Singaporean forests and public parks; and the process through which the artist-filmmaker delves into and revisits 

Ploy’s experience. Ploy is a character as well as a collage of several visual forms, including painting, photography, photo-roman (photo-novel), 35mm slide projection, letters, and a herbarium. The film reconstructs the journey of Ploy through an array of visual media.