Nocturnal Flowers (2019)

 from exhibition  “ Nocturnal Flowers, Seascape Gallery, Chiangmai Thailand."

 Photographs and video.

                                        "Nid, Yokohama" 2018 Film 4.48 mins, Thai with english subtitle"

These works were developed when I was an artist-in-residence at the Koganecho Bazaar in 2016, and the Tokyo Arts and Space in 2017. While I was researching on Thai migrant workers in Japan, I met a Thai woman who once worked as a mama-san in Yokohama’s red light district. She showed me around and told me old stories. However, since the buildings had radically transformed, I saw nothing but a tree. Plants and flowers became a trace to the past. The flowers in the photos are flowers around the place that she once lived. Although the brothel were demolished and transformed into an art district, these flowers have lived through the years, and are still growing. They become an agent which connects the past and the present of the place.

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