“The Asylum”, 2015, 09.40 Mins, Thai with English subtitle.


"DJ Dok Rak" or Varunee Tapanya, a disc jockey for a radio station in Chiangmai, lost her job after the National Peace and Order Maintaining Council shut down every single Red Shirt radio stations after the 2014 coup d'etat. Since then, her life has turned upside down. She becomes a taxi driver instead, yet still lulls the passengers with her own live session.

Karen boy named "Ah Tay" has to secrete himself working in a village in Chiangmai due to his lack of identification document. He needs to be more cautious after the coup because he is afraid of being send back to Myanmar. Now that he disappears without a trace, certain people presume that he might have been sent back to his hometown by now.

This pond is a sanctuary where living creatures gather. During the night, those animals often moan uproariously and grievously, waiting for someone or something to set them free. DJ Dok Rak, Ah Tae and the animals reside in the same place. This place is a shelter where they can do things that they cannot do in real life. They seem like nonpermanent refugees who are looking forward to liberation and far-fetched freedom.


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