" In The Asylum Garden"

        Digital printed

      Kunstverein Baden, Austria.

          In this project, the word “asylum” has two definitions. The first describes a retreat, a safe place where one may go to be protected; an    asylum in this sense implies a haven where protection is granted by another party. The second meaning, which is seldom used today, is an institution for patients who are mentally ill.

          In my work, the two definitions overlap but contradict each other. On the one hand, this project represents a form of self-therapy for the artist. In this sense, an asylum is a retreat from the world to a place where the artist feels safe and all his worries slip away. On the other hand, being in such a space can become a form of entrapment; the artist lingers in the same space, and it becomes too difficult for him to leave. There are two ways to experience healing. One is to move the artist's thoughts to the world outside and to face a series of questions in order to heal the sickness. The other way is to stay in the same place and to keep thinking until the end result is discovered.

Video Clip : http://youtu.be/_e7-tvARwxQ