Non-chronological history

800 film Slides with timer slide projector and projector, 59.57 mins loop.

Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, Bangkok.






In Thai history, every incident relates to each other. There is always a cause and an effect for every incident.
One incident leads to other, and leads to other. These series of causes and effects have created many
overlapping areas of times, spaces, statuses and persons. Each element is always tied up and intertwined
with one another. The interweave of things transforms into a chaos. The chaos, which situates in the same
plane but in different class and status, is too difficult to unravel.

The point is, to understand the causes and the effects in each period; we need to deconstruct the past and
the present from various overlapping elements. Then, we may find the real structure of causes and effects
that has an impact on the present time, and we may reach the truth in our national history.

This work is similar to a timeline of the history of Thailand. However, the timeline is unchronological. It also
strips of a rank, a position and an importance of each player in the Thai political history since 1932. Since the
past has an effect on the contemporary, the people in the past inevitably relates to the people in the present.
Sometimes it is like a recreation of the memory which intertwines reality with fiction, and it is too difficult to
separate both of them. Moreover, the relationship of the past and the present is told through the change of the
analog era to the digital era. Though the mediums and the characters are different, there are something that
happened, and repeats itself.