" Beyond The Measure "

Auto level camela with tripod, Staff, Blue prints and circle steel structure. 

Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, Bangkok.





It is my own interest after recruited as a government employee in one of the state organization relating to arts. A question has happened but there is no answer to the origin of the question that is "What has state done to art?” On the contrary, the question could be changed into "What has art done to the state?" These questions lead to the connection between space, ownership, and people who use that space. The subject and object of the latter question are inversed to signify whether state owns the space and people get benefit from state’s management on that space or it is people who own the space. The space here includes rights and freedoms of expression which is also rights and freedoms to investigate state that shifts from a subject to an object of latter question.

The work has fired the question as an open space for state, people, and art: to operate the space together, to observe the occurrence without expectation, and to seek for the conclusion of how subject, verb and object should be placed.