"I will never smile again."

Mixed Media

WTF gallery, Bangkok.




Prapat's work depicts the personal psychological confusion arising from Thailand’s political and social/class conflicts.The exhibition is inspired by current tensions surrounding Thailand’s complex relationship with personal liberty and freedom of expression. The exhibition’s concept derives from Prapat’s experiences during his fine-art study in London, funded by the Thai Government. Through his obligatory relationship with, frequent visits to, and finally exhibition of his work in the historical spaces of the Office of Educational Affairs, Royal Embassy of Thailand in London, Prapat observes the extended meaning within the social and diplomatic protocol of the Thai elite in the past, conveyed by objects and images on the premises. Referring to the historical information he witnessed there, he forms linkage to the 2010 violence in Bangkok that created a reign of terror and confusion (particularly when viewed from outside his home country). As a result, Prapat conveys an acute sensitivity to politics and contemporary society in an ongoing conceptual engagement. Searching for truth is not the objective of this show. What matters is critical discourse, inquiry, comparison, change of outlook, understanding matters which are beyond your prediction, and the value of being human, as well as subjects who are acclaimed as being above humans. The audiences are allowed the interpret their own understanding of the works from their perception of these arts that display the "truth" beneath its surface. All matters shown here ask you to consider whether you can still smile at these fictions.