"Hope to dwell in fear project 2"

Mixed Media

Final Show 2011, Royal College of Art.

My depressive mood, as my psychologist diagnosed, has stemmed from the attempt of my former artwork to heal my country’s social problems, some of which are unjust social classes and restrictions of freedom. It seems as if our country has been hypnotized by someone. Not until I have been awakened from the virtual reality, I then realize the truth about my country. Eventually, I find out that healing is essential to me as well as my country. Once again I have tracked back to the source of my fear, my deep-seated depression by the hypnotizer to find out how had my symptoms occurred, and to learn the art of self-hypnosis to cure my torment in the past. The process works as if the projector of a film flashed my past experience back and forth. Though I can’t fix the unrecalled past, I believe I can heal and learn from it. From there, I can forgive myself and the person involved.