"Hope to Dwell in Fear"                                                                "The Impossible Dream"

 Video, Mixed Media and Installation                                            Video, Mixed Media and Installation

 Hockney Gallery, London                                                            The Office of Education Affairs, Royal Thai Embassy


Collaborate with Pathompon Tesprateep

"Hope to Dwell in Fear" and “The Impossible Dream” are  presented by using installation art, photography, video, sound and play. This conceptual idea has been inspired from the conversation between two artists discussing about  the impact   of conflict  and the instability of the situation in the country in the past several years,together with some doubts in the political and sociocultural evolution, which leads to the representation  as a  conceptual art.  Pathompon and Prapat select a specific  location to  investigate, interpreting the remaining of historical evidences in the Office of Educational Affairs Royal Thai Embassy, UK. Some evidences such as the photos of people, stories in ‘Samaggi Sara’ journal, antiquarian books in the library, and some clues of student activities in the past can be considered together as a vestige of the untold stories in Thai political and social  history, which  might  also reflect  the  way of life in Thai society today.   Although, the historical evidence may not be the most significant factor, it provides us a good opportunity to review and to be aware of the existence as well as things that are missing; things we used to have and anything that is probably going to happen. Metaphorically speaking, this conceptual work aims to reach the invisiblebarrier between the belief in society and the thing that controls the direction of our social movement.

' The picture of our fellow countrymen is hung on the endless wall. They look very elegant despite standing under the shade of a large tree where sunlight streams through the dark suits.  Some  have their arms crossing while the others are standing, sitting, or smiling cheerfully.All of them have long gone through life  in  the  city of mist.  In the library, the door panel of the bookcase looks different as if there were some sort of mechanism hidden inside like those books which have been covered up.Perhaps, the book owner may want to recount the story using untold symbolic words. In the same room, there is also a golden plate inscribed the origin and its history of this place.

When  entering  into  the beige hall, there is a dark-coloured grand piano standing  out  contrasting  to the wall. Light that penetrates through the window and its blood- red curtain helps keep the room warmer from the bitter past. A group of people are waiting for photo taking at the same wall hanging the old picture. It  seems as if  the smiling eyes could bring back the good old days. When looking ahead, you can see the exciting drama  of  the  leading  actor  and  actress  exchanging  the acrimonious truth along with political events. At that moment, snack in the scene seems to be less tasty compared to the

As I followed  this  illusion  till  the  end  before  I  am  awoken,  I can still remember the soft melody that expressed this impossible sentiment and far-fetched dream the one that is recognizable, but indescribable. The mist starts to creep from my eyes down to my soles. And when the time comes, no one will ever witness this since the truth can only be in one’s dreams.'