Sabai  Sabai (Take it easy)


       Performance and Mixed Media

In London I feel awkward and uncomfortable with western culture, I think everyone is formal and serious with everything around them.

In my country, everything is easy and simple, for instance: in rural Thai homes, we don't have much furniture or electronics. We do everything in the same area and mostly on the floor: eat, drink, sleep, talk. Anyway we are happy because we think the important thing for people is family and not the objects around them. But European people think the opposite way round. They think they have to have a lot of things to support their lives: furniture and electronics, technology. I am asking myself if nowadays, all the things that we've designed or created are necessary or beneficial to this world, or if they simply challenge our intelligence.

So in Department 21, I propose a comfortable space on the floor because I believe people can opt for a easy and simple life. Nevertheless I cannot deny the things that make me comfortable too: my laptop or mobile, but I only use them when I want, not to show off or to show I am clever.

Pratically, the word "sabai sabai" symbolizes the simple and self sufficient living in rural Thai society.We have culture, tradition , beleif and simple living for a long time. This is the most important thing is that it does not mean whether we have or have not but we live our life sufficiently. This is how we live contendedly and happily among the changing world.