"healing" 2009

        Mixed Media installation.

        SOL, Bangkok, Thailand


I was born in a Chinese family selling Chinese medicines since my great grandfather. Until me who everyone thought would take the medicine shop but it was irony that I chose to have my career as an artist. I think that Chinese medicine heals body physically and Art heals mentally. However, both pay important parts in save humans' soul. 


I would like to heal the artists in the past though their portrait paintings because I think Western medical could not heal them like Eastern which focuses on all the bodies and does not recommend to take any pills.  I have been treated with western drugs but it could not help. However, acupuncture could stop my allergy.


Hence, I think acupuncture may heal these artists to make them to come back to work if they were treated with Chinese Medicines. All in all, I would like to compare the culture when the technology from the east is growing in the west more than ever before.