Mother's Painting and The Garden of us

      Mixed Media



The intricate, hand engraved pattern on the Jug’s surface represents the story of the object’s own history. However, Mother’s painting and the garden of us symbolize the story shaved between my Mother, Grandmother and Myself.

When mother was young, she drew a painting which grandmother really likes it. She often asked my mother where it has gone. I would like to see it again? But my mother has lost her painting and couldn’t remember when it didn’t ring a bell with her until grandmother passed away.

 Mother wants to have a shady and cool garden, which has wild flowers and plants that are green and fresh everywhere. Planting area is near a river where she can grow flowering plants, perennial plants and kitchen garden such as kaffir lime, lemon glass and mint that doesn’t need much an area to grow. Mother’s most favorite plant is wild orchid. When she was young, she drew a wild garden and sent it to her teacher and got top marks. She was so happy. I heard her smile through the telephone.