The Measure of Time, 2010

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 Albert Einstein presented the concept of time as a virtual media, a fourth dimension. According to wave theory, time, space, and energy, are the three media that are woven together

Buddhism presented the concept of time is set to determine the change of events.
If the world stood still, there would be no time.
Likewise, if there were no change, time would not come to existence.
Time varies; it's also unreal. Time exists, when there is cause and effect - it generates as in this cycle - things happen, they remain so, and come to an end. This is my definition of time. 

I use time as a symbol in my work to make others understand that the existence of time is real. However, "time" is just subjective, which human create it. Distance, deeds or human activities of humans are determined by invented timepiece. But time in our mind cannot be determined time in ones' mind is different. When we practice meditate, we feel like living in happiness. Even though we have been sitting for three hours, we feel just only 3 minutes. Hence, time is depended on one's definition. 

Likewise, in my work, I use time to just be a frame for understanding the existence of time. Things that happen within are timeless.